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Stepping into your power!


I am more than happy to be back. To connect with you, our esteem readers and subscribers. I am overwhelmed with joy.  I truly thank God and I know It is his divine blessings and favors for us to be back again in this new decade. We promise to give you content that will inspire and empower you to become the best that you are meant to be.

Bang! Magazine speaks to women in generation X and Generation Y.  BANG! Magazine stands for Beautiful African Natural Goddess and its motto has always been “Believe And Never Give up”.Well, I remember my days in the ’90s to 2000s, those were crucial years in my development and a huge moment for women in film and media to embrace a new form of female power. I loved “spice girls”, “Mary J Blidge”, “TLC”, “Destiny Child”, “Envogue” and shows like “Living Single”, “Girlfriends” and “Sex & the City”. They provided me with empowered role models that represented the power of femininity. These women were fierce and I was proud to bask in their glow. I believe all women have got what it takes to rock the world.

I want more women to step into their power. Be that woman with a million-dollar smile and the presence so big so when they see you, they get knocked off their feet. Walk with effortless confidence and speak with authority.

You have what it takes to offer to your family and community at large. You know your purpose and be the change in the world. I find it heartbreaking that we live in the world where women stub each other. A world where boardrooms filled exclusively with men who make decisions regarding our bodies, where our voices are turned down and silenced. Where we are expected to take up little space as possible and lower our voices. Where we ask permission to lead, where men use our bodies to kick and not to love. Where women die in gender violence and Nobody say anything.

Women wake up!  Bang! It is now back to empower, impact, impose and ignite the fire in you. Wake up to lead. Let us unite and have one voice.

The good news is that the tide is shifting and each passing day reveals evidence that women are believing in the value of their voices and stepping into their power.

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