7 Romantic Honey Moon Getaways

Namibia Honeymoon Experience

This friendly and easy-traveling country has excellent wildlife viewing in the Etosha National Park but its best honeymoon destination has to be the Namib Desert and Swakopmund. A destination best visited in the dry season between June and October, the Namib is a mesmerizing land of silent, primal beauty and night skies spilling over with stars.

A visit to the famous Sossusvlei dunes – towering hundreds of feet above you – is a must-do activity: you can walk up a dune to greet the rising sun one or take a balloon flight for a birds-eye view. You’ll also explore the desert with expert local guides, on the lookout for unique wildlife in a surprisingly rich and diverse environment.

Seychelles Beach Holiday Experience

Idyllic beaches, clear warm water, and a massage for two – that’ll be Seychelles. A scattering of islands in the Indian Ocean – some large, some not much bigger than a city block – Seychelles has a well-deserved reputation for romance and enjoys equatorial weather: warm and sunny year-round with a chance of rain at any time. The hottest months are December to April while the wettest are January and February; if you plan to scuba dive then April/May and October/November have the best underwater visibility.

Zambia (Experience the Victoria Falls)

With the mile-wide Zambezi River tumbling into the abyss, no wonder the Zambian name for Victoria Falls translates as ‘the Smoke that Thunders’. It is a destination as famous for its white-knuckle adventures like river rafting and bungee jumping as it is for elephant interactions, sunset river cruises, and helicopter flips.

Memorable Botswana Honeymoon Safari

Go on safari to Botswana and see what Africa’s wildlife was like in the days of the first European explorers: elephants in their tens of thousands, big cats, wild dogs and rivers full of crocodiles and hippopotamus. And between May and October, it barely rains at all, giving you half a year to pick a date: June and July are the coldest; September and October the hottest.

Mozambique for a Dreamy Beach Holiday

Looking for that out-of-the-way beach retreat with plenty of romantic comfort and great weather? Try the Quirimbas Archipelago. A string of coral islands set along Mozambique’s tropical Indian Ocean coast, the Quirimbas doesn’t get much colder than 24°C / 75°F at any time – day or night – and the water temperature starts at that and goes up to 30°C / 86°F. Go between May and September.

South Africa Honeymoon Experience

Vineyards, deserts, and savannahs – the Rainbow Nation offers such a diverse set of destinations it’s hard to remember you’re in the same country. Safari destinations like the Kruger are best visited during the June to October dry season but honeymooners thinking about Cape Town and the Winelands should know that this period is the Cape’s rainy season. And the reverse is true: the Cape is driest between November and April when the Kruger is at its wettest.

Zanzibar Honeymoon experience

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