Your Walls Should Never Be Dull Again.

DIY- ideas for your walls at home.

One thing that is very instant and it makes my eyes open wider when I enter homes, is the art and the creative wall designs in these houses.

Walls are the one space in our homes that gives us a creative license to do something totally unexpected. Even the tiniest rooms can handle patterned wallpaper and creative colors. Yes, your house is shared with family and guests, but most often they spend time in your living room area, kitchen or dining room area. Therefore, it is important to be more creative with color and decor.

Give each space a character and you’ll see how you’ll love spending time in these areas. Reclaimed wood accents are on-trend right now and can center an open room space with color and texture. For a plain living room, a wood accent wall adds a much-needed architectural element.

Don’t be shy about mixing patterns and colors when you decorate your walls. You have more creative options for the least-used rooms of your home, so be fearless in your choices. If you want to mix patterns (like stripes and florals) but don’t want to go overboard, a monochromatic color palette can help. Decorating in various shades of the same color gives you a subtle color palette and is accommodating for any type of patterns within that color palette — the best of both worlds.

At times, paints and photo frames also add beauty to the rooms.  So make a decision how will your room going to look like from these inspired wall designs.


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