Women of Influence event

about 200 women were invited to celebrate women of influence at Serena hotel May 2019

“It first started as a dream. I wanted to see women get together, network, laugh and share experiences in business.” Emelda spoke to Bang! magazine editor.

| I wanted to see women helping each other and supporting each other – Emelda Mwamanga – CEO, BANG Magazine.

The Women of Influence event was given birth on 4th May 2019 after a decade of hosting women events under the name of Dare to Dream. This event the agenda was based on highlighting the opportunities that are there for women to join the board of directors.  We got women board directors to share their career journey, challenges and success stories. This event was sponsored by TradeMark East Africa, Women Fund Tanzania, Unilever and TBL


Women of influence event will be taking place again this year at the Serena Hotel in June 2020. Dates will be shared after the Corona Virus pandemic is declared to have finished.

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