Bang speaks to professional women leaders impacting communities.

Some women don’t need an inspirational quote, they just need a cup of coffee. Meeting these powerful, elegant, corporate climbers and ingenious social-preneurs was so refreshing.

Bang Magazine editor Raziah Quallatein Mwawanga sat down with five great professional women CEO’s who have excelled in their own careers to chat about their professional journeys. How they defined power, secrets to their success, professional challenges. What they attribute their success to and advice to fellow women aspiring to be like them.


Getting all five women on a Saturday morning, in one room was quite a mission accomplished. Brenda Msangi, CEO at CCBRT had to attend her daughter’s swimming tournament at school, Rosalynn Mworia had to attend a meeting in Dodoma, Rita Tatimo had a lunch date with her six years old son, Joseline Kamuhanda had a date with her partner, Doris Mollel has a young baby who needs her full attention, so she had to take a nanny with her daughter to the hotel.


All in all, we managed to pull a cover story. Seated at the Serena Hotel level 5 in one of a beautiful suite, we had our team of makeup artiste, wardrobe and fashion assistants, and professional photographers ready to serve our cover models.

One thing that stood out of all these women they were all accomplished in their own careers, professions and grounded in their lives. Despite their difference, they all had chosen unique career paths and made sacrifices to be where they were. One was happily divorced; another had opted for a career and not family but was in a relationship. One was single and two were married with children.  I was amazed at how life had changed and how African women were so empowered and comfortable and unapologetic about their life choices and how far they were ready to go and invest to become the best of them.

We had scheduled four hours to do photoshoot and interviews, but our talk went on for six hours. I learned so much from each of our cover ladies.




Joseline Kamuhanda . Head of Marketing CRDB (PLC) bank

“I am an amazing aunt to 3 boys. They make my life more exciting and inspire me to be the better version of me.”  Josephine said with a big smile on her face.  She started off her career pretty earlier on before she even started university. After completing high school from a humble beginning, “I worked for an advertising agency for about 2 years while I tried to figure out what I needed to major for my first degree- then I realized I wanted to do marketing communications.” Josephine concluded.

She was blessed to get an opportunity to do a four-year course in Scotland where She graduated with a MA Management with Marketing.  ” I believe that complemented the career opportunities I have had to date. I recently joined CRDB Bank Plc as Head of Marketing.” ( Buy a copy to read some more)

Brenda Msangi is the CEO of Comprehensive Community-Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT), a nongovernmental organization serving mothers, new-borns, and people living with or at risk of developing a disability. CCBRT is the largest provider of disability and rehabilitative services in Tanzania, with a 119-bed hospital and 400+ person staff. CCBRT is also in the process of constructing a new 200-bed maternal and new-born hospital.

Brenda joined CCBRT in 2009. As the Director of Community Programs, she oversaw a key transition in the organization’s approach to health systems strengthening across the country; from direct service delivery, to building the capacity of other providers in order to more sustainably deliver high-quality, accessible care across Tanzania. Brenda has held multiple Senior Management roles, including Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Brenda developed streamlined processes and improved systems across diverse sections of the organization.

As CEO, Brenda leads CCBRT’s transformational journey from charity to healthcare social enterprise, serving the community and the most vulnerable Tanzanians with accessible, specialized services and programs. She is a pioneer in deploying Lean Management principles (initially deployed in the manufacturing industry) to improve healthcare delivery in Tanzania. (buy a copy of Bang magazine)

Ritha Tarimo has over 12 years of experience in Leadership: Human Resource, organizational leadership and change management gained through positions with Corporates, NGOs and private sector entities.

She’s well-versed in Organisational culture and people operations, change management, human-centric design, advocacy, building and sustaining relationships with stakeholders and partners – researching, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects.

“I am also exposed to General Management from my experience earning a mid-career Masters in Business Administration from ESAMI” Ritha told Bang! Magazine. Rita is an Author and I advocate for children’s rights and safety – championing for a society that is free from child rape. ( Buy Bang! Magazine)

Doreen Peter Noni is currently producing a documentary series on mental health called ‘Naitwa Mento’. I want to change the conversation on mental health in Tanzania and Africa at large, increase awareness and remove the stigma surrounding it. I want to ensure that people feel comfortable with their everyday mental well-being and have the practical tools to support themselves as well as their friends and family.

“I am also currently in production of Tena Na Tena season two and working on my children’s book Peter’s Daughter & Her Penguins as well as managing 102.5 Lake FM in Mwanza and my newly founded NGO ‘Peter’s Daughter Initiative’. Doreen told Bang! magazine.

(Buy a copy of Bang! Magazine to learn more)

Naike Moshi has more than 10 years’ experience in the area of business management and human resources. Her expertise includes start-up experience, executive search, and placements. Naike has extensive experience working in the United States for 7 years and working for and with some prestigious companies like Caremark, Roni Deutch Tax Center and UNESCO for more than 5 years. She has coached and mentored Entrepreneurs for the YALI Regional Leadership Center, Unreasonable East Africa, and African Entrepreneurship Awards recipients. This has resulted to foster development and growth of mentees’ business ventures. Her mission and passion at work are to build talent organizations and facilitating the realization of excellence in people and organizations.

She believes so much on personal development as a catalyst for income growth for youths and women. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and dual degree in Human Resource Management & Business Admin from Tennessee Weslyan College. Recently, she won an Award for the “The most profitable business during the “Women Creating Wealth Program by Graca Machel Trust. She is currently the Country Director and Franchise Owner of CVPEOPLE Tanzania where she started the Recruitment agency with a shoestring budget with NO Clients, NO Candidates, NO Contacts to more than 600% sales growth in 2015 to 57,000 job seekers registrations with more than 400 placements to date.

She is the founder of Women in Management Initiative which closes the Gender gap in the workplaces where 50 Women in Senior roles received honors and awards for their achievements. She recently received an award as “Top 100 Global HR Minds.” CVPeople Tanzania operation recently received three Awards by Africa Employer Brands Awards, Global HR Excellence Awards and 1st Runner Up in East Africa Business Excellence Awards in the Service Sector. CVPeople Tanzania recently received three awards from Africa Employer Brands Awards, Global HR Excellence Awards and 1st Runner Up in East Africa Business Excellence Awards in the Service Sector in the year 2017 & 2018 respectively. CVPeople Tanzania was selected as one of the Top 100 Women-Led Business in East Africa by Invest2 Impact in 2019 ( Buy a copy of Bang magazine)


Doris Mollel is a humanitarian, whose heart paces to save lives of preterm babies in Tanzania ever since she herself survived premature birth. A 900 gram premature born who became a beauty queen and saw the need to invest her efforts to raise awareness about premature babies, through DORIS MOLLEL FOUNDATION which she Founded and is the Executive Director since 2015. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Mzumbe University, Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Management of Social Development from (MNMA) and a Post Graduate in Management of Foreign Relations PGD-MFR from Centre for Foreign Relations.  Doris has saved more than 10,000 premature babies through the foundations efforts which began with campaigning of equipment’s to save the lives while still in hospital in partnership with various partners. ( Buy a copy of Bang! Magazine)


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