I have always been one of the biggest fan of Navy Kenzo. Simply because they have managed to show that it is possible for lovers to work together, respect each other, sharing the love, protecting each other and keep up with family. What a beautiful and inspiring love story! By Emelda Mwamanga.

Aika and Nahreel are such a beautiful couple to look at. They produce hit songs and they are humble and down to earth unlike other Bongo artistes. Meeting them at their mansion and talking to them made me fall in love even more.

Their humble beginnings
Nahreel’s real name Emmanuel Mkono (born 12 December 1989 in Dar es Salaam), is a Tanzanian Afro beats / Dancehall recording artist and record producer. He is the founder and current CEO of The Industry Studios, and member of the music group Navy Kenzo. He fell in love with music froma young age of 14 when his father bought him a piano and a teacher to tutor him on how to play. He officially began his career in music as an assistant music producer at Kama Kawa records in Dar es Salaam. He worked there for a period of two years before leaving to India to further his studies at Punjab College. His Riz One instrumental for Izzo Bizness, released under MJ Records, led the rapper Izzo Bizness to become one of the best-selling Tanzanian performing artists of 2009.

The instrumental also led Nahreel to receive nominations for major awards. He was still in India at this time but the demand for his instrumentals was high back in Tanzania as many hip-hop artists were interested in working with him. During his university breaks, he made beats for few people and his beats got a lot of attention but he opted to first finish his degree. READ MORE