With these difficult times it has been very tricky going to the gym and have your usual workout routine using your favorite machines and weights cause the Corona crisis is still out there ending a day at a time  hence you been feeling denied and your muscles are just crying for help ,but what if we told you there was a way to help you with these difficult times we are all facing by using sculpt army workout gears  and get that full amazing result, here are two of the gears of our choice for this issue and how you could use them to stay fit and healthy, trust and believe with just these two you could get your dream body goal or just stay fit and healthy, for more make sure to check their website sculptarmy.com

Sculpting Band:  If I may call it in other words then definitely it will be The Magical equipment. These strong rubbed strips usually comes with handles at the end as you can see ,and  by just using this, it’s amazing the kind of workouts you could do cause what it does it allows you to perform different exercises targeting different muscles for different results by just using your own  body weight. just make sure to use it for a straight 21 days for full results.

Moving to our second choice of equipment is none other than our easy to use easy to carry

Sculpt  Army  Jumping Ropes:  Including jumping ropes to  your workout routine is the best decision you could do, cause jumping rope not only is it among the easiest workout but also among the most effective one burning all those calories away and the sculpting army jumping rope provides the required effect, by jumping 10 minutes it’s the same as running for half an hour, with this corona situation affecting our normal schedules where we are required to be at home most of the time make sure to jump for half an hour in order to burn up to 480 calories,

So there you go guys make sure you get yourselves these home workouts equipments and join the club also since we are at home most of the times you could spice up your workout routine by joining others like yourself via instagram where @sculpt_army usually hosts different live classes, don’t say we didn’t hook you up.