It is a common phenomenon for new graduates and individuals in the corporate environment to create a resume highlighting their educational background and working experience. There are numerous perspectives on how to draft a resume ranging from whether one should have an elegant one page resume, include a detailed summary of every achievement and also if one should include personal interests and hobbies.

Whatever approach you decide to take, it is an important fact to understand that a resume needs to stand out. After all, it is the first impression a prospective employer will have to get to know you. In today’s fast paced world where there is a lot of information to consume, crafting a resume that will deliver the right message in an appealing manner is not only essential but also a crucial skill to develop.

We have the added advantage of digital technology that can be an incredible help in preparing a resume. The following are digital tools that could really prove useful in the art of creating resume.

Canva ( has resume templates that any user can use to create their resume. Canva also has the option of adding graphics and photos in an easy manner that will add to the appeal and aesthetics of a resume. After entering all the relevant information regarding your academic qualifications, employment history and referees, Canva allows the user to download a PDF version of the resume. Although one can access professional features after paying a fee, the free version of the website will still allow a user to create and download a resume.

Grammarly ( is something I cannot imagine living without. As the name suggests, the website provides a platform for reviewing and proofreading texts and documents. The website also highlights the errors and shows alternatives you can use in the text. The application is also available as an extension on browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Before printing your resume, using this important tool could help cross check your grammar, spelling and style to ensure your resume is written accurately and elegantly. 

While it is a matter of personal choice on how you want to design your resume, it is an undisputed fact that the following information has to be included in any resume to showcase one’s skills and unique abilities.

Name and contact information. This should include your full name, contact number, address and e-mail as well. This will enable the employer to have access to your information in case of any interviews or meetings.

Resume summary. This should be a two or three sentence paragraph explaining who you are, the qualifications you possess and the position you are applying for.

Educational Background. Here you can include the course you studied, the institution where you studies, the year you started and completed your education, field of study, your GPA and any other academic recognition you have achieved. It is best to include educational experiences that relate to your career or the position you are applying for.

Professional history. This part is your opportunity to showcase the value you brought to your previous employers. Keep your focus on the experience you have gained in the past five to ten years. If you do not have any job experience as yet, list any internships or voluntary work you have participated in. This will help the employer get an idea on the kind of worker you are and the skills you possess that could be useful in the position you are applying for.

Any other relevant information. Here you can include any additional skills or expertise you possess, memberships to organizations, computer skills, awards and your hobbies. You can include references on your resume or include a line saying references are available upon request.

The art of the resume can be mastered by anyone and with the use of technology, it is even more easier. I wish this skill was taught in schools or university. Nonetheless, this article will hopefully be beneficial to new graduates and for those who have been in the corporate world for a while. After all, a resume needs to updated as one gains more experience and knowledge.